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  • Corporate Information

    Marine Atlantic’s Board of Directors provides the overall policy direction for the Corporation. The mandate for this 10-person group is broadly defined within Section 109 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA), which states that the Board is charged with overseeing the direction of Marine Atlantic’s business activities.

    The Corporation’s Board governs the operation of Marine Atlantic Inc. within a strict regulatory environment. The FAA, the Marine Atlantic Inc. Acquisition Authorization Act, and the federal government’s National Marine Policy in consort dictate a framework for the Corporation’s affairs. In tandem with this legislation, Marine Atlantic’s articles of incorporation, by-laws and mission statement guide the Board and management in their decision-making. The National Marine Policy also provides additional direction as it dictates that Marine Atlantic focus on providing the ferry service, as the Corporation is not entitled to consider expansion into other business enterprises.

    The Marine Atlantic Board has three standing committees that undertake primary diligence on items within their areas of responsibility. Board members are assigned to specific committees. These are: the Corporate Governance Committee, the Audit and Risk Committee, and the Human Resources Pension Management Committee.  

  • Marine Atlantic's Disclosure of Wrongdoings (Protected Reporting Policy)

    At Marine Atlantic, we are dedicated to creating and fostering a culture of open communication where issues and concerns are heard and addressed in an appropriate manner. Marine Atlantic's Disclosure of Wrongdoings (Protected Reporting Policy) provides an opportunity and avenue for any individual to bring concerns forward to senior official within the organization or the Government of Canada.

    For more information, please read Marine Atlantic's Disclosure of Wrongdoings (Protected Reporting Policy) here.